Dancing with Suspense and Romance, and ROW80 Wrapup

It’s WANA Wednesday, with suspenseful reads and romance!

Run Rosie RunShe’s here, and she’s bad… CC MacKenzie celebrates the release of Run Rosie Run, the latest in her Ludlow Hall contemporary romance series.

A wise man once said,  ‘Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it…..’

Pastry chef Rosemary Gordon had worked hard her whole life to be successful… Now the wedding cake business she runs with best friend Bronte was winning awards life should be perfect…

But Rosie has a deep, dark secret…

And the steadily bubbling chemistry with Bronte’s brother, Alexander Ludlow, has suddenly become way too hot to ignore…

More info at: http://ccmackenzie.com/2012/12/12/shes-here-and-shes-bad/

Street-DanceLvBxd-210x300 Alicia and Roy Street have released their popular Dance ‘n’ Luv Boxed Set of three contemporary romance novels plus a short story. The Dance ‘n’ Luv series shines a spotlight on women of the dance world. Not necessarily the stars, but the unsung heroines, the dilemmas they face and the men who capture their passions.

  • Snow Dance – Divorced Broadway dancer moves to a peaceful fishing village for solitude and instead encounters a needy teen, a pesky ghost and a fisherman who makes her believe in love again. While complete in itself, this 13,000 word story is also a prequel to the novels.
  • Kiss Me, Dancer – A rollercoaster of a ride between a dance instructor and a divorced dad. Can she save her studio without losing her heart?
  • Touch Me And Tango – Ballroom dance star Tanya broke Parker’s heart when they were teens and seeing her again brings back all the fire and fury–plus a secret danger that will change both of their lives forever.
  • Stars, Love And Pirouettes – Two careers, two men. A ballerina faces the choice of a lifetime. Will her heart show the way?

bemineforxmas-400x600jpegThey also sneaked in a short Christmas story that released a month ago, and somehow I missed it! So if you’re looking for a fun holiday-themed read, check out “Be Mine for Christmas.” More info at: http://thewritersguidetoepublishing.com/bestselling-author-alicia-street-looks-at-her-first-year-as-an-indie-epublishedself-published-author

FATAL DISTRACTIONFinally, Diane Capri‘s Fatal Distraction has been out in ebook for a while, but is now available in paperback!

Relentless victims’ rights advocate Jess Kimball and Jack Reacher both deliver justice when the legal system fails. Reacher waits until trouble finds him and then he does whatever it takes. But Jess pursues legal justice and draws lines she will not cross. How can she win against killers who refuse to follow the rules?

Three years ago, beloved Florida Governor Helen Sullivan’s world shattered when her only son died in a senseless car crash, killing his best friend, too. Helen quickly discovered Eric’s crash was no accident and lured the killer to her son’s funeral to be caught.

When the shooting ceased in the small country church, Helen believed her nightmare was over. Instead, she’d unwittingly escalated her duel with a cunning and patient assassin.

Now, investigative journalist Jess Kimball is driven to find the horrifying truth. Is the Central Florida Child Killer guilty? Or is the real killer still out there? More info at: http://dianecapri.com/books/fatal-distraction/

ROW80 Wrap-up: The challenge doesn’t officially end until Thursday, but I now blog on Wednesdays, so I’m posting my wrapup here. This week’s goal was to get Times Two, my Saturn Society boxed set, formatted for upload to Smashwords. That’s done, and I went one better – it’s already published there! Look for an announcement when it’s available in other channels.

All in all, this was a very successful ROW80 for me! I finished edits for Hangar 18: Legacy, which is now with my editor, and will release sometime in the next few weeks. I also won NaNoWriMo by writing  a completely new book! This one really stretched me creatively – it’s YA, which I never thought I’d write, and contains no speculative elements. Even more surprising, it came in short! But I filled in some holes I’d normally save for revision, hitting the 50,000 word mark for a NaNoWriMo WIN! Finally, I did well with my fitness goals this ROWnd – always a plus!

The next round starts on January 7th, and I’m going to be a sponsor! That means if you’re doing ROW80, I’ll be cheering you on even more!

What is WANA? It stands for We Are Not Alone, a guide to blogging, social media and networking for authors by Kristen Lamb. It’s writers helping writers, whether or not we’ve taken the course, and proving that we really are not alone!


Jennette Marie Powell writes stories about ordinary people in ordinary places, who do extraordinary things and learn that those ordinary places are anything but. In her Saturn Society novels, unwilling time travelers do what they must to make things right... and change more than they expect. You can find her books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, and more.

What about you? Do my WANA friends’ books sound good, or what? If you are doing ROW80, how did you fare this round? I’d love to hear from you!

WANA Wednesday: Happy Birthday, WANA1011!

It’s a very special WANA Wednesday, as my peeps and I celebrate our first birthday!

What is WANA? It stands for We Are Not Alone, a guide to blogging, social media and networking for authors by Kristen Lamb. Many of my author friends have taken the  WANA class, either with me, or another offering, and I met them online at one of the many WANA hangouts. A year ago this month, around a hundred of us started the two-month long “Blogging to Build an Author Brand” class, hence the “1011” designation. A year later, a bunch of us are still networking and supporting each other, and the 1011 group has picked up a few more “WANAs” from prior and later classes. Many of us have books published, and for me personally, the support of my writing friends – both those from the class and otherwise – has been invaluable.

So, Happy Birthday, WANA1011 – and thank you for all your support and friendship!

Several of my WANA friends have new releases too! Check these out:

Diane Capri announces the release of her latest thriller with “Fatal Enemy,” a new Jess Kimball Short Story.

Jess Kimball hadn’t been in the same room with Richard Martin for more than a dozen years. Worse things than Richard had happened to her since she’d seen him last. He’d find out soon enough that she wasn’t a gullible sixteen-year-old anymore. She was his enemy now and he was hers, whether he knew it or not.

Jess decided long ago she would never yield to him again. Richard Martin would make his choice tonight. Would they become fatal enemies? In this tense battle of nerve and guile, who will survive? More info at http://dianecapri.com/2012/09/fatal-enemy-new-jess-kimball-short-story-now-available/

YA author PJ Sharon is celebrating the release of her new YA dystopian novel, Waning Moon.

In the year 2057, in a post-apocalyptic world where three quarters of the population has been wiped out by a global pandemic, and a polar shift threatens the remainder of earth’s inhabitants, sixteen-year-old genetically altered teen, Lily Carmichael, faces bigger challenges—escape capture by a rogue government agency, save her family, and avoid falling in love. PJ is going on a blog tour for Waning Moon, where there are going to be some great giveaways! More info at: http://www.yabeyond.com/2012/09/28/party-time/

Multi-published pet expert Amy Shojai releases the first of her “Thrillers with Bite.” In Lost and Found, animal behaviorist September Day has lost everything—husband murdered, career in ruins, confidence shot—and flees to Texas with her cat Macy to recover. She’s forced out of hibernation when her nephew Steven and his autism service dog Shadow disappear in a freak blizzard. When her sister trusts a maverick researcher’s promise to help Steven, September has 24 hours to rescue them from a devastating medical experiment impacting millions of children, a deadly secret others will kill to protect. Shadow does his good-dog duty but can’t protect his boy. Finally September and Shadow forge a stormy partnership to rescue the missing and stop the nightmare cure. But can they also find the lost parts of themselves? More info, book video, and opportunities to win a copy of Lost and Found at http://amyshojai.com/lost-found-a-thriller/

My RWA chapter buddy Macy Beckett is celebrating the release of her debut novel, Sultry with a Twist, from Sourcebooks. Even better, the book made Barnes and Noble’s must-reads list for October! In Sultry with a Twist, June Augustine hightailed it out of Sultry Springs nine years ago with her heart in pieces. Now one thing stands between her and her dream of opening an upscale martini bar: a bogus warrant from her tiny Texas hometown. Now she’s stuck in the sticks for a month of community service under the supervision of the devilishly sexy Luke Gallagher, her first love and ex-best friend. If Texas in July wasn’t already hot enough, working side-by-side with June would make any man melt. Luke wants nothing more than to strip her down and throw her in the lake—the same lake where they were found buck naked and guilty as sin all those years ago. In their heads, they’re older and wiser. But their hearts tell a different story. More info at http://macybeckett.com/books/adult-novels

ROW80 Update: One of my goals this week is to format Home for the Holidays, an anthology of holiday stories my RWA chapter will soon release in print and ebook. I received the last edited story Monday night, and have the Word document assembled and styles set. Almost ready to upload to Smashwords, once the committee approves! Look for a cover reveal here soon. So, good progress so far.

What about you – have you read any good books lately? If you’re doing ROW80, how did your first couple of days go?

Jennette Marie Powell writes stories about ordinary people in ordinary places, who do extraordinary things and learn that those ordinary places are anything but. In her Saturn Society novels, unwilling time travelers do what they must to make things right... and change more than they expect. You can find her books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, and more.

Don’t Miss Don’t Know Jack!

Once again, I’m doing some reading outside of my normal fare. This time it’s Don’t Know Jack, by Diane Capri. I’m not sure how to categorize this – mystery? Thriller? Suspense? It’s all three! One thing it’s not is romance. Normally, I like at least a little romance in my books, and there’s none here – and it totally works!

What IS in this book is nonstop action, answers that only lead to more questions, and more twists than the Dragon’s Tail.* The main character is FBI agent Kim Otto, a young FBI agent on her first assignment as Number One, who’s determined to prove herself in that role. Her second is Carlos Gaspar, seasoned agent and father of four who’s managed to hold his post despite an injury that’s left him with constant pain in his leg.  The two are tossed together by “the Boss,” a mysterious, enigmatic figure who they never name, and speak to only when he calls on the special cell phones he provided. Their assignment? An “under the radar” mission to build a file on Jack Reacher.

I’m coming at the book from a different perspective than most readers probably are: I’ve never read a Reacher novel, or anything else by Lee Child – a cultural shortcoming I’m planning to correct. For others like me, Reacher is a former special ops soldier turned mercenary? Government operative? No one knows. But he’s ruthless and will stop at nothing – including murder – to complete his mission, which is inevitably something for the greater good. Reacher lives so far off the grid, he hasn’t been seen or heard of in fifteen years, yet the Boss is certain he’s alive (and there’s no evidence to the contrary).

Otto and Gaspar meet in a small, Georgia town where they enlist the help of the police chief – a woman who knew Reacher way-back-when, and whose motives – and loyalties – are unclear. They immediately get wrapped up in her investigation of a simple, spousal murder that’s anything but. It should be a local matter, but every indication points to the Boss intending them to get involved.

The Boss himself is an enigma. He calls at the most opportune (or inopportune) times, and always seems to be one step ahead of Otto and Gaspar on this wild chase he’s sent them on. Their search eventually takes them to a high-end escort service in DC that Otto has a surprising connection to, to Switzerland, and back across the U.S. in a chase where the stakes increase by the minute.

If you like a good mystery steeped in action, Don’t Know Jack is a book you Don’t Want to Miss!

Don’t Know Jack (The Hunt For Reacher Series) is currently an Amazon exclusive, and can be borrowed for free if you are an Amazon Prime member. You can learn more about Diane Capri, and how this book came about, on her website.

Have you read Don’t Know Jack? Or are you planning to? Read any other good books lately? Feel free to share!


* U.S. Route 129 at the border of Tennessee and North Carolina – 318 curves in 11 miles