Sometimes Life Forces us to Slow Down

ROW80Logo175I did not accomplish any of my goals this week, although I came close on the dress.

I am still sick. What’s worse, I discovered I’m not really sick.

I started taking a new (to me) medication for my migraines a month ago. This was not without a bit of trepidation, because the list of potential side effects from this stuff is about three miles long. But I figured it was worth a try.

It’s worked great on my headaches; it’s even zapped my muscle-tension neck pain. I was feeling great until I came down with this nasty cold about two weeks ago. But I was looking up something about the medication the other day, and saw one side effect I hadn’t noticed before: “flu-like symptoms.”

Are you freakin’ kidding me? Hmm, what a choice: headaches, or being sick all the time??? Not to mention, I have plenty to do at the day job too, and my family has been more than patient at home. They are truly a blessing. But forget doing anything creative, like writing.

This medication is definitely not for me, so I am talking to the doctor about going off it (it’s one of those you can’t just stop taking). So I hope to be back in the game by the next round of ROW80.

What about you – have you had any unexpected slowdowns forced on you lately? If you’re doing ROW80, how did you do you your goals? Will you be back in April?

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