Is Your Blog Secure? And ROW80

Last Thursday, I attended a meeting of the Dayton WordPress Users Group, where we talked about security.

This was something I’d thought about a while back, when I read this blog by Marcy Kennedy. I knew a few other writers whose blogs had been hacked. I’d never had any problems myself, but that’s one of those things where it’s far better to be preemptive. So a while back, I installed one of the security plug ins Marcy mentioned. I learned a few things at our local user group meeting too, and I was able to contribute, because the guy presenting hadn’t heard of the plug-in I used.

Bottom line with your website/blog’s security, get it before you need it!

ROW80Logo175I did well with my ROW80 goals this week, too – I accomplished the main thing I set out to, which was complete the edits for my upcoming science fiction romance novel. I then went one better and got some formatting done too!

  • Finish edits for Hangar 18: Legacy – Done!
  • Fitness activity 5x – Done!
  • One chapter’s exercises in Get it Together, an estate planning guide. I wanted to do this last ROW, but wound up putting it off when I decided to do NaNoWriMo. This is stuff that isn’t very fun to do (or even think about), but that really needs to be done. – uh, no.
  • Be a good ROW80 sponsor and visit all the blogs I’m supposed to at minimum.  – Done!

For this week, I’d like to:

  • Format Hangar 18: Legacy for print, proofread, and upload to printer
  • Fitness activity 5x
  • One chapter’s exercises in the estate planning guide
  • Be a good ROW80 sponsor and visit all the blogs I’m supposed to at minimum

What are you planning to do this week? If you have a website or blog, have you thought about securing it? I’d love to hear from you – please share!

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