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Time’s Dilemma is now available in ebook form at all the major retailers!

Did you enjoy Time’s Fugitive, and want to get to know Florie better? What about that strange, good-looking guy who showed up at her House just as all the craziness was going down? Or maybe you enjoyed Time’s Best Friend, and want to know more about what happened in 1939? Well, wonder no more–it’s all here!

And for those who haven’t yet read the other Saturn Society books, this one is a great place to start. My publisher decided to label it Book Three of the series, but it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone story. It’s also shorter than the other books, so it’s a great intro to the Society that won’t require a big investment in your time.

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Time’s Dilemma

A Saturn Society Short Novel

Never Tell

Time traveler Florie LeBeau follows the laws of the Saturn Society that protect people with her gift, but the handsome stranger who arrives at her Cumberland Gap farmhouse from the eighteenth century defies every one. From his very presence, two hundred years past his time, to the things he knows about her, everything about Zeke Allen breaks the rules–the rules of time travel, and the rules protecting Florie’s heart.

Never Change the Past

Florence might not know Zeke Allen, but he knows her… loves her… and knows she’ll play a key part in the war that will soon involve her United States. But her four-years-older self swore him to secrecy, for Zeke revealing his knowledge could change things—with devastating consequences. 

And Never, Ever Fall in Love

Though drawn to the captivating frontiersman, Florie denies her longing for him, as the Society forbids involvement with those from other times. But Zeke pushes her boundaries, determined to win her love, for he must ensure her visit to his time four years hence, or else it could cost her country their war, Florie her future, and both of their hearts.

Gain entry into the Saturn Society and meet the men and women who can cross time itself to follow their hearts into thrilling adventure and sensual romance today!


Available in ebook at major retailers – print coming soon!

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