ROW80: Need a Break

I blogged on Thursday how fragmented my time has become, and the more fragmented, the less I get done. As you might infer from that, the motivation’s still lacking, but this week, it’s not for lack of trying. It seemed whenever I planned to spend an evening buckling down and getting some of my goals knocked out, something would come along to derail that. One night it was an unplanned dinner out (I was hungry, so no problem there, but it took longer than eating in would have). Another night, a friend dropped by. This isn’t one who doesn’t “get” the need to do the writing, but someone I hadn’t seen a probably a good couple of years, so it was worthwhile to spend an enjoyable evening with her. I just didn’t get any progress made elsewhere.

I did get my author photos taken last week, and that seemed to go well. Looking forward to meeting with my photographer to see what he’s come up with!

  • Two more scenes on short story – got about half of one scene done.
  • Lesson 10 on How to Think Sideways – Nope
  • Complete Get It Together Chapter 7 & 8 exercises – Nope
  • Three interval workouts and two shorter workouts – Got two interval workouts done, that’s it
  • Finish web design/copywriting side job and upload to client’s web host- Nope

I really don’t like that list with no green on it, but that’s how it goes. Time to take a step back.

One of my commenters on my “Fragmented” post mentioned that illness is life’s way of making us slow down. So that’s what I’m going to do this week, along with some other plans that would make it difficult to get much done. So I’m mostly taking the week off. Any progress on any of it will be a bonus!

Here are my goals for the quarter overall:

  • Work through Lesson 18 of How to Think Sideways Working on Lesson 10 now.
  • Complete Saturn Society short story for holiday anthology – working on it!
  • Release Times Two (combined ebook of Time’s Enemy and Time’s Fugitive) – waiting until I get web design project done and short story written
  • Complete Get It Together exercises and data gathering – Chapter 3 – 6 done
  • Three interval workouts and two shorter workouts per week – ongoing
  • BONUS: Release Hangar 18: Legacy (It’s going to need a lot of edits, but not major story stuff. Whew!)
  • BONUS: Plot out and begin writing first book in new series

What are your plans for the rest of summer, whether or not you’re doing ROW80? Ever feel like you need to take a break? What do you do, especially if the break cuts into your goals progress?

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