ROW80: It Takes Longer than You Think

That’s my revision story for this week, and I’m sticking to it!

I wanted to get through eight chapters this week. Uh… I did half that. As in, I just now got through Chapter Four. This revision stuff always seems to turn out to be more work than I think, and setting an ambitious goal for the week doesn’t necessarily make it happen. I even had a day off of work, but it translated into time to take my daughter shopping for some needed school clothes, not writing.

I’m also still shifting my schedule-thinking. I’ve long kept a writing schedule (and its inherent goals) from Monday through Sunday, but ROW80 goes from Sunday through Saturday. So the above goal isn’t as much a failure as it seems – it was based on a Monday-Sunday week. We’ll see what I get done today, especially since we’re having dinner guests.

This coming week, I know I’ll be busy. I’ll be spending the day with friends one day this weekend, and may be going to the opera the other, depending on whether or not my mom decides to take my daughter herself. I want the time to write, but it’s also important (and fun) to spend time with family and friends, and experience life. So I’m going to shoot for another five chapters revised, which will take me through Chapter Ten. Still ambitious, but more on the reasonable side.

If you’re participating in ROW80, good luck on your goals this week!

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