ROW80: It’s 5:30PM

And I just finished edits through Chapter 6. Does that tell you anything? More importantly, does it tell me something?

(Yeah, like I took on too much this week!)

Granted, yesterday was fun. I went on a “castles and caves” cruise through central Ohio, saw some lovely sights, spent time with some wonderful friends, not to mention my daughter. You know, doing that living life thing we writers often have to make a point to do. So it was well worth it.

I wanted to get through Chapter 8. Or ideally, Chapter 10. Reality? What’s that?

Sigh. Okay, time to get real. Thankfully, I don’t have any major plans today or this coming weekend, so that will help a lot. I also have several things I’ve committed to do for others that I can’t put off any longer, things I owe writer friends who do stuff for me like beta reading and copy editing. So I am going to commit to the following:

Format anthology for my copyeditor

Book cover design for my beta reader

Chapter critique for my critique partner

Edit Chapters 7 & 8

If you are participating in ROW80, good luck!

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