ROW80 Recap

Quick ROW80 update, since I don’t normally do mid-week updates, but today ends the round.

My primary goal was to release Time’s Fugitive.

That didn’t happen. But it’s close! Here’s the breakdown:

  • Finish revision of Time’s Fugitive – Done
  • Send to beta readers – Done
  • Make changes based on beta reads – Done
  • Send to editor – Done
  • Prepare front matter, back matter, product description, and everything else needed before release – Done
  • Format book – nope
  • Develop marketing plan (preferably before release, but probably after) – Mostly done
  • Release Time’s Fugitive – no, but soon!

So what hit the wall? Well, some of those goals were dependent on other people: my beta readers and copy editor. My revisions also took a little longer than I expected, so that set me behind by about three weeks. Then the beta readers also needed more time than I expected – this is a looooong book. So it’s now with my editor. The good news is, she says she’s not finding much! So look for Time’s Fugitive soon!

The next round of ROW80 starts April 2. I’m definitely in! How about you? How did you do this ROW? Will you be joining us for Round 2?

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