Sample Weekly Status Report

This is the Weekly Status Report I use to track my writing progress and activities. Each week, I start a new page in my Word document, and update the following information. Feel free to copy and paste for your own use!

January 28, 2012: Weekly Status Report


Project: Time’s Enemy

Total hours: 2



  • Re-formatted and uploaded revised ebook to Lightning Source





Project: Time’s Fugitive

Total hours: 12



  • Created launch plan and marketing task list
  • Reworked cover design and updated website



  • Write front and back-matter – Author’s Note, Acknowledgments, list of Other Books with descriptions and links
  • Complete Book Info sheet


Other writing-related activities

Total hours: 10 (not counting reading)



  • Posted & scheduled ROW80 Update, Monday and Thursday blogs plus this week’s ROW80 update
  • Spent a minimum of ½ hour a day on social media/blogs (plus commenting on blogs during lunch break at work)
  • Finished Don’t Know Jack by Diane Capri & posted review
  • Did several FB shares, tweets (not counting my blogs), and at least 2 blog comments per day
  • Judged one GH entry (#4 out of 5)



  • Write & schedule ROW80 update, and other blogs for next week
  • Theresa’s critique
  • Read or skim/re-read one marketing book
  • Print book plates, stand-up book info placard, newsletter sign-up sheet
  • Book signing Saturday
  • Judge last GH entry (#5 out of 5)
  • Write review of Mr. Right’s Baby
  •  Minimum 3 FB updates or shares and 14 tweets (not counting my blogs) plus blog comments


Issues/Planned Time Off

  • Need to do budget and annual reporting for OVRWA treasury